mode – [mohd]
noun, feminine
  • fashion; à la ~ fashionable, in fashion;

Origin: French

Created to showcase diversity within the fashion industry, The Mode Official is dedicated to shining a spotlight on exceptional individuals who are pushing through the barriers ethnicity can sometimes present. The M.O. is committed to providing the full report of fashion industry news and happenings while giving an all encompassing representation of all multicultural backgrounds. This is where fashion and diversity collide. Join me.

natalia apple ♥

Born: Kingston, Jamaica, W.I.

Raised: Brooklyn, New York

Currently: Oakland, California

An FIT graduate, consumed by fashion, I would spend my last dollar on shoes. (Depending on how good the sale is, of course.) While earning these dollars on the corporate side of fashion, I noticed a low level of diversity in the workforce. This lack of diversity stretched into the creative side of fashion as well. Few models of color on the runway and even fewer designers of color at the end of said runway. Very few models/women of color on the covers of magazines and in ad campaigns also appeared to be the norm. So why not celebrate the unnoticed and overlooked? In comes The Mode Official. Mode, french for fashion, stems from my love of the now defunct tv series Ugly Betty (google the reference) and my obsession with all things french, including Paris. Naturally. In a nutshell, I’m just a girl from Jamaica who loves fashion, is obsessed with polaroid pictures and wants to celebrate the uncelebrated. Let’s do this.

Some fun facts:

  • My real nickname is Apple and it was given to me by my grandmother. When I was born my face was round (still is) and red. She thought I resembled an apple and it has stuck ever since. My family still calls me Apple to this day. Friends have created their own versions including “Applesauce”, “Applehead”, “Pineapple” among others. I also have a tattoo of an apple on my left hand.
  • In addition to my degree from FIT, I hold a B.S. in Psychology from Brooklyn College and started my career as a Caseworker investigating reports of child abuse for the city of New York before making the switch to fashion.
  • My favorite fashion publication is ELLE Magazine and it was the first fashion magazine I ever subscribed to.
  • I pin everything. Pinterest is the visual organization of my life.
  • I’m addicted to Instagram. Aren’t you?
  • I don’t drink anything red. Long story but uh, yeah, no red wine.

The Mode Official is my labor of love. My love of fashion and for my people with the small idea that we can be represented and celebrated in a positive way. Small ideas can turn into big dreams and big dreams can turn into reality. Right now I’m dreaming. Don’t kill my vibe. Join it.

xo natalia apple ♥

Contact Me!

For all inquiries, including suggestions for industry spotlights, send emails to: info@themodeofficial.com or hit up the Contact page.

Ciao bella! ♥